Music Promotion - Silver

COST: £ 399

GOOD FOR: All singers, songwriters, bands, DJ's, music managers


This package is an excellent one for promoting new and established local singers, bands, DJ's and other music artists that may be relying on local gigs for income.

Do you want to exapnd and step up your career? Are you a band manager that needs to take your act to the next level? Are you a singer that wants to get your name known and your music out there?

Then use our experience and let us promote you! We utilize in house techniques and external contacts to maximise your campaign.

The SILVER music promotion campaign includes all that the BASIC campaign offers but lasts for 3 months. It also includes more marketing channels i.e. Google+, LinkedIn, college radio stations, social signals as well as web articles written and published especially for you. If you have any videos or YouTube channel then we also promote these.

Many hours of research and marketing goes into this package. It is not generic but is tailored for each artist. Therefore whether you are a rock band, a pop singer, EDM songwriter, whatever your act, we make your campaign unique for you.


If you were to do all this work for 3 months you would not have time to perform or gig!

Let us do all the promotion for you. You just concentrate on what you are good at. 

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