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If you have a singing talent and are interested in having a career, do not waste your time sending demo songs to hundreds of labels!


Contact us and tell us your goals. We can help you on the first step to showing the world your singing talent.


We write songs and give you a unique opportunity to feature on them.


The singer that is chosen for each track will then have their name associated with that track and it will be distributed to over 200 online digital music stores around the world. These include iTunes, Amazon and many others.


Read on to find out how you could be a part of this new international format to FIND AND PROMOTE NEW SINGING TALENT!





Are you determined to start a career in singing?


Imagine all around the online digital music world seeing your name featured with Danz International i.e.

Danz International feat ..'your name' 

When people stream the tracks online or download them, your name will be seen. People will know that you are the singer on that track.


We will also promote these tracks via social media to music groups and 1000's of followers worldwide. Can you think of a better way of getting your name out there!



What should you do NOW?

To find out more about the International Unsigned Singers Awards, please visit the our dedicated page for this event International Unsigned Singers Awards


Also when enter the competition, we encourage all singers to build up a following of fans. Obviously these can then like your track during the public vote and help you to win.

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