International Unsigned Singers Awards

Bureau 3 Records are proud to be sponsors for the 2016 International Unsigned Singers Awards!


Are you a singer, amateur or experienced? Have you dreamed of singing to large audiences and having your music promoted around the world? If you are not signed/contracted to a record label, then you can enter this competition! Don't be shy!

There are thousands of potential singers on this planet but relatively only a few succeed. Many enter local singing competitions but do not get very far or even if they win, what next?

This competition is open to all unsigned singers around the world and has prizes of major music promotion for the winner and second place finalist. This could lead to you being offered a contract with a record label. Every star has a beginning so don't dismiss this opportunity and think 'i can't win'. If you have a good voice then ENTER NOW!


A Singing Competition with a Difference

The International Unsigned Singers Awards is VERY different from any other singing competition in the world.

When you enter the competition, you can submit any song you wish with your voice. The top 200 entries are the selected to go through to the semi finals. Now the difference! The 200 semifinalists will now sing to a second song, but not a cover of an existing song. They will choose from a selection of songs written by songwriters especially for the competition! Each semifinalist can choose from the selction 1 song. They can write the lyrics that they want and then sing their lyrics over the music. There will be many styles available to cater for various genres of music.

This is a more realistic approach to help singers prepare for the real world of music. In the real world, music artists do not make a success of their career by singing covers of other artists songs. They have songwriters that write for them or with them.

This competition therefore will give the judges and public a realistic fresh view of each singers potential and ability to write lyrics. Each singer then brings their personality to the competition! Are you excited! What are you waiting for - ENTER NOW !

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